1200 Micrograms - Magic Numbers

The Magic Numbers Theme
Let's get this party started
God of rock
This Is A Joint
Double Helix
Numbers Are Alive


The album contains 7 pieces. 7 illusions, 7 number puzzles and 7 pieces of a musical jigsaw. Customers when they have bought the album can go onlineto answer the 7 puzzles. When they have done it correctly they will receivea password that will enter them into a final puzzle. The winner will receive a Nano Ipod with the whole of the Tip World catalogue on it and 2runners up will get a classic tip t-shirt. Everythings a number...magic numbers...the power and beauty of numbers...your passport, your credit cards...everyone has anumber...music is numbers...eternity is a number...space and all thegalaxies, mere numbers...the computer age is just a series of 2 numbers, Oand 1...1200 Mics a number...here you have 7 magic numbers...fiddlewith the riddle and see if it is your Lucky 7. The winning number gets an ipod with the whole Tip World catalogue on it. For the ultimate high thrills, spills and sonic pills, become one of themagical winners and spinners and press play on the 1200 pleasure button!And remember, there is plenty of ruhmba in the number! Good Luck and enjoy the new album.!