Abigail Noises - Metal Gush EP

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Metal Gush
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Ohm Ganesh Pro presents Abigail Noises new single "Metal Gush". "Metal Gush" is extremely intense in its rhythm track about the transformation of androids and their sexuality which climbs to the heights and exceeds human emotions. Such brutal tempo is the presentation of immediate mental reactions between androids affecting their corporality. Shabboo Harper's vocals passionately enahance Abigail Noises production. Adam Wasniewski aka Abigail Noises has been a music producer since 2014. From the very beginning focused on the genres like Hardcore, Industrial and Tech-Minimal. He successfully released several EPs in leading and well-known labels. He expanded his range of styles and became fascinated with Dark Techno. He published more EPs in which gloomy atmosphere plays a major role. And again after some time Adam felt the other need to experiment with Psychedelic Trance. It seems that his musical adventure will never end.