Abstrackt Dimension - Seeking The Source EP

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Solar Core
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Seeking the Source
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Ovnimoon Records present this new single, Seeking The Source with two progressive psy creations from the Mexican born producer Abstrackt Dimension a.k.a. Arktika / Fluxsense. In 2015 Abstrackt Dimension was born; the Progressive Psytrance project of Caxivari Enríquez, from Mexico City. He develops his learning and practice of musical production since 2010 with different electronic genres, exploration of new sounds and unique techniques. Under the name "Aeon Acid", he explored in 3 years several genres and influences such as Progressive House, Dubstep, Minimal, and Downtempo. In 2013 he pierced the world of psychedelic trance and sub-genres. He finally found his appropriate musical genre under the project Arktika, 2013. Then tried to improve his production style, today he has another project of Psy-chill-bient called "Fluxsense" as well as working with fellow artist Jedidia on the project Dimensional Mind Transmission. Abstrackt Dimension makes you vibe through deep sounds and energetic atmospheres; always taking your soul and senses to another dimension.