Alba - Sacramentarium (Vinyl LP)

Vinyl LP
Forest Song
Ed Astra
La Petite Bete
Tes Tes


Electrik Dream presents Alba 'Sacramentarium'. Let us introduce to you, Alba album. 'Sacramentarium' album is a multidimensional portal. It's also an invitation, a key to open your heart and let you travel deep inside yourself to open some sacred doors, while listening. Hope you'll enjoy the journey as much as we did here in Electrik Dream. We are really proud to offer you this release now. As we're sure it will bring joy, beauty, light and inspiration in your daily life while listening to this Ambient Instrumental Downtempo masterpiece. We are what we love. Faithful love transforms and creates the world. This is how we've created a set of sacred songs-worlds, called Sacramentarium. It's 'sacred' only because it's beloved. This set is the fruit of our creative process. Although it consists of a limited number of songs, at the same time our work isn't finished, and life goes on. Sacramentarium is an endless flow of a multidimensional being. We invite you to listen, to become a participant and we also invite ourselves. We pass on to your heart a magic key so you can open this flow, and we'll open ourselves to you. The key is an amazing symbol, as there always must be a door to it, or is it vice versa? The same is about a hint - it doesn't exist on its own. Hint - is the key, but not to something outside you, not to some door. It's always the key to yourself. As if you've understood, seen, heard, then you are ready. Even more - you already are. Oh, we almost forgot. All the songs are healing. We were healed, while creating them. And there wasn't any other purpose. It works for us and we hope it does for you too. Let's take the hint.Alba - music project from Russia, is composed by Albert Sultanov, Anastasiya Zelenina, Nadejda Prokopenko, Mariya Kamishova. Alba combines vocals, diversity of live instruments and electronic sound in a nature-psychedelic context. This fusion makes music very multifarious: from meditative ancient mantras to psychedelic circus with constantly changing mood. Rich tunes includes lots of traditional and modern instruments, ...