Arc Voyager 25 - Primordial Duality EP

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Ascending Reflection
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Outer Orbs
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Timewarp Records presents the return of UK based Goanaut, Arc Voyager 25 aka Gary McAndrew who offes a mind warping adventure packed with deep and old school flavored Nitzho style Goa Trance. Arc Voyager took a few trips to the Glastonbury festival in the 90's and saw DJ's playing Techno at night and spiritual schools happening in day and agreed with future world based on Numbers, Colors and Sound. Being a Guitarist since a child, He was now developing a taste for synths and computers to make the sounds He was thinking about. Being very interested in science, astrophysics and Quantum physics reading books on the Healing power of Sound, He learned about harmonics and how they are whole numbers. This release is a collection of tracks over 4 years. Planetary Tempos and frequencies with atomic spectra sounds are embedded in this release as well as scales detuned to whole number frequencies like the fibonacci. Have a safe trip.