Battle Of The Future Buddhas - Songs From A Forgotten Memory

Go Gently Into Space
Pitchbend Into the Light (Remix)
The God Particle (Catch 22 Rework)
Blurred, Calm, Warm, Hazy


Battle of the Future Buddhas is back with a second, very old school, album on Suntrip! David Tingsgard from Sweden was formerly known for his crazy melodic forest trance in the 90s, but in the mean time his style evolved to a slower, warmer back to the roots type of old school goa-trance! His last album on Suntrip, "The light behind the sun", already gave a taste of this. His new album went even a bit further. More old school, groovy, deeper, a bit more hypnotic, experimental, repetitive and filled with warm melodies allover! If you want to feel the vibe of the Indian beaches in the 90s, where the magic was happening, close your eyes, press play and have a nice voyage! The beautiful artwork was made by Aashit Singh and the album was mastered by Christer Lundstrom, aka Ka-Sol!