Battle of the Future Buddhas - The Light Behind The Sun

Faster than Light (Wormhole Edit)
Life Behind the Sun


Battle of the Future Buddhas is back, and its nothing like you heard of them before! They were inspired by the music played on the beaches of goa in the early 90s, and revived their interpretation of that spirit! Deeper, slower, more groovy, melodic and acidic old school goa-trance! These days Battle Buddhas' music is mostly made by Swedish pioneer David Tingsgard, active in the scene since the mid 90s! He released over 5 albums before on labels like Boom! Records and Schlabbaduerst and is mostly known for his melodic forest-trance music. With this album they take definitely a new direction, although you will recognise their typical sound-signature without a doubt! The album opens with the Crane and Kraftpakket. These tracks are more on the classic side of goa-trance. A bit faster, harmonic and with classic 303's floating around! After the openers we go deeper and slower into melodic territories. The tempo keeps going down but the groove gets fatter and fatter, just as the melodies! Tracks like Ghost and Life Behind the Sun are definately morning-goa with that unique Buddha-touch. The album ends with some tracks like Disco Valley and Tenderlion that have a bit of proto-goa influence. Back to Basics for sure! Mastering was done by another Swedish melodic forest-pioneer: Ka-Sol!