Biocycle - Start to Shift EP

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Title Start to Shift
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You Are Not Alone
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Biocycle is here again with Start to Shift and two more absolute smash hit tracks packed with mind tickling melody’s and body slamming basslines ripening you soul for full on frenzy mode on dusty summer dance floors. With years of live set performances and constant music production, Biocycle has crafted and refined his musical abilities and style into the creation of these new original songs. The two on this EP are a both a mixture of groovy bass driven melodic full-on with progressive structures and movements, uplifting and psychedelic. Talented Mexican musician, Biocycle, Alejandro “Alex” Martinez combines the life essence of magical full power Psytrance with vivid and expansive mental visuals triggered by listening to the beautiful, potent and breathtaking tunes presented here. After several years of producing and testing some of the cutting edge technological audio weapons, releasing EPs in major psychedelic trance labels worldwide and featuring several singles on the Top 100 lists. After many single and ep release on top labels and an incredibly well received debut album on Geomagnetic Records call Come In, Biocycle doesn’t plan to stop so expect many more releases from this rapidly rising star producer.