Boom Festival 2008 - We Are All - PAL (DVD)

Culture Cruisers - We are All (first documentary)
Das Nevez - We are All (first documentary)
Deestant Rockers - We are All (first documentary)
DJ Atyss - We are All (first documentary)
Error Colective - We are All (first documentary)
Midi Milliz aka Extrawelt - We are All (first documentary)
Mr. Gasparov - We are All (first documentary)
Octa Push - We are All (first documentary)
Patrick Zigon - We are All (first documentary)
Rastaliens - We are All (first documentary)
Lucky Dragons - We are All (first documentary)
Ambiens Indages - Boom doing it (second documentary)
Stereo Addiction - Boom doing it (second documentary)
Culture Cruisers - Boom doing it (second documentary)
Astrix - Techno Widows - A quit place (short movie)
AMD - The Reckoning - A quit place (short movie)
Eskimo - Show me the money - A quit place (short movie)
Ethnica - Trip Tonight - A quit place (short movie)


'We Are All' is a DVD featuring some of the highlights that make Boom a unique worldwide event. The 'We Are All' DVD is about Boom Festival 2008. It consists of two documentaries, one short film and more than ten Boom Web TV journalistic pieces. The 'We Are All' DVD is a numbered and limited edition. It will however be distributed all over the world through a network of specialist shops, either through the Web or at traditional and cultural retail shops. One of the documentaries (also called 'We Are All') is a 55 minute long portrait of Boom's public, artistic areas, multidisciplinary aspects and multiculturalism, as well as the sustainability projects of Boom's 2008 edition. 'Boom Doing It' is a documental perspective on facts and episodes that took place during Boom 2008's construction phase. It is a humane and sincere view about what goes on during the production of Boom Festival. The DVD also contains Boom Web TV press pieces exploring contemporary activist content or specific Boom related issues such as the project 'Your Oil is Music' or Boom's reutilization of Rock in Rio materials. Lastly, the French film producers Marc Roberts and Herve Jakubowlcz created the short film 'A Quiet Place' as a kind of satiric take on the dance experience at Boom Festival. This duo has been part of the production team of unique films such as 'Munique', 'Babel' or 'Asterix at the Olympics'. This DVD is Boom's most recent contribution to independent, intercultural and multidisciplinary culture, with a focus on cutting edge environmentally sustainable practices. A truly unique edition. Format Dvd Video: PAL Systems Dolby Stereo 48 Khz Content: 2 Documentaries (We Are All Boom Doing It), 10 Web TV Videocasts, 1 Short Movie (A Quiet Place) Audio: English, Portuguese with English Subtitles