Captain Hook - Origin

Let there be Light
Time and Space
The ever present Silent Observer
Frankies's Wish
Deep into Nature


As an artist it's essential to be connected to your heart, to feel what it has to say. I felt my heart telling me in the past two years to connect to the roots of trance of which I grew up on. This path has led me to find my inner child - his passion for music before he became a DJ producer, his desire to consume pure music without fear or expectation of what people are expecting him to create. I've walked with this child together day after day into the studio, listening to his ideas, translating them into music created by a 35 year old man. This was the creation process of my 3rd studio album (2nd as Captain Hook) 'Origin'. Although I grew up in the psytrance culture and genre, influences from techno and bass music played a big role in the formation of my sound. The synthesis of these styles marked the beginning of something new, and the origin of the deep hypnotic progressive sound that is now at the core of my creation. Following my heart to where it was leading me was not always easy, since modern psytrance seems to be pointing producers towards very different soundscape directions. But believing in the path helped me to stay on it despite any doubts - and staying true to my sound allowed me to create my music with sincerity, serenity, and bliss. This internal journey has made it possible to reconnect with this genre all over again, adding a new perspective to it's beautiful spectrum, and to myself.