Cartoon Badman - The Beast EP

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Power House and Geomagnetic are proud to present this blazing debut EP from UK based Cartoon Badman! Rico and his dear pooch Rex enjoyed many years of fun and frolic. This EP is dedicated to the memory of love, joy and good spirit with a fond memorial in the form of these tracks. A veteran of the local Psytrance and rave scene across the lush fields of the English countryside, Rico, also known as Cartoon Badman began his musical career 17 years ago. Starting out in bunkers, warehouses, and forests and then progressing to the clubs; Rico developed his imitable style that ensures no two sets are ever the same. Utilising four decks, a sampler and a whole host of custom loops and samples, Rico creates a musical soundscape that is often imitated, but never duplicated. Drawing respect from fellow DJ's and clubbers alike. After enjoying commercial success with early releases, Rico fell in love with production and dedicated the next years of his life to perfecting the craft and creating new fusions of music that have always been prominent throughout his career. Mixing Psytrance/Techno and Hard House, Rico's production ethos is to produce euphoric highs with raw and dirty beats, a feature that has always been a mainstay of his live performances.