Celestial Intelligence - Perpetual Energy

Into the Depths of Illusion
Divine Miracles
Constant Motion
Celestial Beings
A Different Story
Perpetual Energy


Celestial Intelligence is a new upcoming old school Goa-trance storming tandem from Macedonia! The group exists out of Branislav Dimkovski and Dalibor Anastasovski creating Goa-trance in their purest form, like the old masters!

 These days melodic old/new school goa-trance is offering a constant stream of new talented artists. One of them is Celestial Intelligence without a doubt. They already released their powerful vibes on Ovnimoon, Timewarp, Hado and Suntrip before, and they also come from the same city as Cosmic Dimension and Sirius (is there anything special in their drinking water?) Their music manages to perfectly capture the old vibe in a modern way! It has long floating background atmospheres, powerful basslines and snares, uplifting melodies and trippy spiralling small effects all over the place. On Psynews someone described it as “a crossover Cosmic Dimension, E-Mantra and Mindsphere”. That sums it all up, we guess!
Also, keep an eye on the last track, as it has an extra floating and emotional touch!

 Once again Suntrip will help you pass the cold winter days with this brilliant album! :) 

Like usual this album is crystal-clear mastered by Tim Schuldt!