Champa - My Son

Sleeping People
Go To Sleep
New Stars Are Born
Bingo Jingo
The Messiah
Hello Hello


UK born DJ and producer Isaac Houlli aka Champa has been a long standing character in the underground dance scene for over 20 years. After working, the crowds with his uplifting and full-on psychedelic trance sets he has also been working on his production skills and developed a sound full of greatness and awe. The genesis of this album comes from his global psychedelic DJ experiences. The inception for the sounds of 'My Son' began here, but the epitomic moment would come from the fact that he has become a father and his support from longstanding partner and Queen of psychedelic, DJ Sati. Inspiration in the family and from the heart translated straight to the studio! Champa produces the kind music that needs to be played loud and danced too with a smile on your face. His live performance is of high intensity and uplifting vibe. Combine an uplifting attitude with groovy bass lines, funky percussive rythms and a relentless driving melody and we have a serious psychedelic tune for a global audience. Some of the tracks have memorable vocals and there is also punctuated humour in some of the samples Champa has had to dive deep into his record archive to create the unique sound for 'My Son'. Champa has already released a number of singles on Yellow Sunshine Explosion and Neurobiotic including 'Overtones', 'Visions of Goa', 'The Secret' and the most applauded 'Jungle Boogie'.