Compilation: Beach Atmosphere Vol 2

Natural Culture
Life on earth
New world order (Egorythmia rmx)
Drums have been talking
One Life (Zyce rmx)
Massive Attack
Sunset Blues
Burn Out


Rays of light have started to penetrate our atmosphere, spreading warmth, fresh smells and good vibra- tions. Once this summer sensation starts to seep in, it is not only the cloths that start to peel off, it’s also the tight muscles of our body and faces and negative baggage from the winter period. This is precisely the moment when you realise that the only way to feel in the total exhilarating sensation mode is to go and experience Beach Atmosphere... Common’ what are you waiting for? In order to arrive to this amazing sensation you will have to hear that piece that will make you do that leap, this amalgamation is a creation made by our own Jensson, an Iono Music family member from the very beginning. Jensson a true Berliner started his musical expeditions mixing tunes from UK progressive House and Trance and since 2000 has been strongly infected by Psychedelic sounds. Playing in all the major festivals around the world such as Vuuv Experience, Fusion, Urban Art Forms, Shiva Moon and Believe Freedom festival – granted him a unique quality to decipher that tricky secret of what makes people dance like there is no tomorrow.. This special atmosphere must be introduced by Opposite8 in order to evoke a Natural Culture for this kind of tranquillity. Right after that one should summon Suntree, who is in charge of revitalising Life on Earth, and therefore has the ability to stimulate your inner electrical circuits. This will inflict the version that Egorythmia, gave to the notorious Ritmo & Nok’s New World Order. Once the waves start to kick in it is time for Sonic Entity to let you know that the Drums Have Been Talkin, that means that an Unseen Dimension will be revealed and therefore a remix of One Life will be unravelled by Zyce. Whilst you are diving deep in the blue waters you will be trapped with a Space Hypnose combines with Static Movement which will create a swirling Massive Attack on your senses. It will inflict huge Shyisma and Indaco but slightly calm down with Avshi’s Sunset Blues. Out of nowhere you will stumble upon Roger Rabbit which might give you a feeling that the rays of sun have given you a Burn Out, but that will only be an illusion...