Compilation: Cafe Bombay

Sagita (Colaba mix)
Southern Lights
Sauda Song
Boys Of Mahim
Bollywood Mystery
Je Suis La
Sunset In India (Santa Cruz Edit)
After Thought


Avatars Café is dedicated this time to one of the happening places in South East Asia; The land of Maharajas and palaces, the hub of India; the exciting city of Bombay. A city second to none, a lively metropolis, a city kicking and breathing full of charm and mystery. A city that is a crossroads, where East meets West.Flex your muscles and get ready to hit the streets. Café Bombay will take you on a tour in the city and its exciting iconic landmarks, stunning architecture with rich cultural history and tradition of centuries. Explore with us one of the lively and colorful places in the orient, with its fascinating temples, markets, fairs and bazars that have something for everyone. Elegant restaurants, great food and colonial style bars and Cafes.Be one with the citys heartbeat. Enjoy the sights and sounds, smells and colors. Bombay is easy to get around and a taxi is always in sight.This full action city has a blooming nightlife scene, where you always bump into movie stars, models and celebs. It is also home to Bollywood and the nations biggest film industry. Bombay has become one of the most important junctions in the world. And is a good option when selecting a stopover in East Asia. The city has managed to preserve its charm, tradition and special character, while at the same time is welcoming change, and constantly modernizing in its own special way.All tracks on Café Bombay were carefully selected and lovingly collected. Down tempo and chillout masala from international names and local acts, who bring their music straight from the core. The album will give you a glimpse of the scene in this spectacular and fascinating capital of action, and what it has to offer.Bombay - The Gateway of India.