Compilation: Christiania Selection Vol 2

Twisted Mind
Lord Of The Swing
Progressive Love
Put Your Sunglasses On
Smash Up
All Your Needs
Individual Pattern Of Life


Back again ha? We had no doubt that the magical spirit of Christiania will capture your body and soul,while taking over your ears. In such uncertain times, when governments are collapsing, and people losetheir faith is the social structure, only autonomous zones such as Christiania, can o!er us what wealways wanted - Freedom. Stefan Gøransson, aka Flexus, takes us on a second journey to visit the realmsof what might seem as a anarchy, but in fact it is the most logical expression of independence,are you prepared to change your mind forever? We begin this journey with Twisted Mind as Time in Motion and Flexus remember them. These hallucinations ofall the adventures we accumulated in the heat of the burning sun, it sometimes seemed Limitless, or at leastthat’s what Opposite8 claims. The pounding rays of light that the sun had struck upon us, always help to stretchthe boundaries of the human body’s limits of perception. Audiomatic and Corona for example, admit that they havemet the Lord of the Swing, and although we raise our eye brows when we heard that, the spark in their eyesindicated that they might be right. Osher insisted that with the help of Progressive Love we can bring back ourfaith in people’s stories and past, and perhaps even achieve some kind of tranquility. Static Movement thoughtthat in fact it would be wise to Put Your Glasses On because this is a very delicate stage, and before staring at thesun one must gradually prepare for the full exposure. Ailon saw it a bit di!erently, he thought that it beingextrovert and just Smash Up the place would be better, after all, it’s all or nothing no? Then again, whenSuntree came, he realized that All Your Needs do need to be ful"lled, but hopefully not on the expense ofothers. Because, Individual Pattern of Life might be good if you live alone, but as Impact and Simply Wave say –it has its own consequences, twists and turns. Maybe it is just better to stick, as Motion Drive suggests,on the Mælkevejen (Milky Way), this will enable smooth sailing to the sunset of possibilities,and for this addictive sensation of euphoria.