Compilation: Christiania Selection

I Got To
Offbeat Meeting
Atlantic Spirit
Maximum Overdrive
Keep Walking
The Last Jedi


In times like these, when every part of the world is protesting against the governments and corporation, you can still find one island of sanity? Christiania, in Copenhagen, Denmark. Freetown Christiania is a self-proclaimed autonomous neighborhood, and the closest example we have of a group of anarchists, who managed to create an independent society. Christiania was a deserted military base, which was squatted in 1971 by various people who you could call hippies, freaks or outsiders. Their vision did not remain in empty slogans like many other hippies across the world; they decided that action is stronger. Thus, they took the psychedelic idea of seeing beyond the normative boundaries, and broke the established pattern of how people should live. Along with meditation, Yoga and other spiritual practices, it is no wonder that Goatrance found its way into Christiania to, almost from the very beginning. Stefan Gøransson, aka Flexus - Dj Flex, who was born and raised in this permanent autonomous zone, decided it was the right time to share the Christiania Selection, and perhaps give some ideas and hope to the global protesters that change and a better future is possible ? it is in your hands!In order to get you in the mode of Christiania, we begin with our Danish representatives, including the man behind this compilation, Flexus, together with Time in motion, aka, the brothers Thomas and Leslie Cowan. This lethal trio is hard to stop these days, and I got to say it is one dose you wouldn?t want to stop consuming. After we entered the Progressive realms that swept us to an autonomous state of mind from the Danes, we move to Xshade, aka Michalis Yamakis, from Greece, to take us back to where society was invented. Xshade takes us to Sexofrenic state, where only the bass rules and the beat goes on. Then Liquid Space, aka Denny Seidewitz, joins the selection, with an offer to make an Offbeat Meeting which was accepted with much enthusiasm. After all, such an offbeat melody and atmospheric melody is something which is always needed, especially in this unique compilation. Sonic Sense, aka Igal Yakubov(also known as Timeless), and Time in Motion take us to the Red Zone, which means we are in for some serious shit, but the good shit. Red is always a dominant and strong color, and the Zone that The Cowan brother and Yakubov take us to is a powerful seductive sense of bloody good Progressive Trance. It was time for Static Movement, aka Shahar Shtrikman and Impact, aka Andrey Panov, pull us down to dive to the Atlantic Spirit and explore other kinds of liberations from society, gravity and sound.Some people take a break when they reach the middle, but as we mentioned above, Christiania Selection is against all the formulated models of action, and so we do not believe in breaks, rest or intermission. Therefore, Ace Ventura, aka, Yoni Oshrat was a perfect to help us step into the next phase of this trip with 138 ways to get there. It is no wonder why an Ace always wins in every game, because the hypnotic and yet complex music he makes is a sure bet each time. We continue with Infinity, aka Nick Karamalakis, who gives us an illusion of a commercial break and yet gives us all the reasons to Keep on Walking with a smile. However, this wandering has a purpose, but not in the capitalistic materialistic manner, because approaching such a sacred phenomenon always requires some kind of awareness. After all, it is The Last Jedi we are talking about, and what other artist can get us closer to him than Motion Drive, aka, Philip Guillaume. The wisdom of the judi is passed to us in the ritual dance of superb Progressive Trance that only few can resist. The end of such a journey can only lead to Yotopia, also known as Tomer Dayan and Yonatan Rimon, who bring us Cometic to wrap the visionary revolution that this musical piece tried to do. With their known talent to convert even the extremist to their side, Yotopia gives us the proper catharsis we all need for such an intense and magnificent expedition.Reality is temporary, but we have the power to change it, Christiania Selection is just an attempt to wake you up and show you that it is possible, it is in your hands.