Compilation: Cosmo Sounds Volume 01 – Compiled by Tripy and Mindstorm

Odyssey 2009 (Polypheme Rmx)
Psybernetic (Tripy Rmx)
Ornic (Random Rmx)
Alien Chakra
Drugs Open Your Eyes (3mix)
The Time Traveler
Chicken Teriyaki
Crop Circles
Take Your Time


Tripy and Mindstorm combine forces to deliver a unique and well balanced perfect selection for the summer season. 11 Strong tracks from the leaders of the underground sound will keep you dancing from sunset to sunrise. Enjoy this pure pleasure collection chosen by two dedicated party specialists. Tripy A.k.a Charlie Xuereb was born in Malta in 1977. Early in his youth Charlie felt a strong connection with music which became his life long focus. He experimented with different rhythms like break dance and hip hop. During his path to becoming a musician he met the sounds of electronic music like house, hard house, and experimental minimal techno until finally he was sucked into the Trance Sounds. In 2000 Tripy finds himself in Goa India and at the point it all changes. Since then he has dedicated his life and artistic energy into creating psytrance and dance gatherings. After all this he decided to move to Australia where he is now performing live and mainly focusing on more music productions in morning melodic music. He met with Doctor Spook and found a home for his unique uplifting sound with the Digital Drugs Coalition - Geomagnetic Morning star label family and is lined up to introduce his brand new fresh Album. Tripy has released some singles and as well the Shamanik Concept EP and expect many more to come rocking hits coming soon to the dance floors around the world. MINDSTORM (aka Nathan Vogel aka Doctor Spook) has morphed into an amazing LIVE VISUALS AND MUSIC project that Doctor Spook has been realizing from the SAN FRANCISCO based GEOMAGNETIC World Headquarters. Musically Spook is collaborating with a stream of the worlds leading musical masterminds inlcuding Tamir Ozana from Atomic Pulse, Chromatone and Random, Altom, Earthling, Central Processing Unit and Twisted Reaction Mindstorm has a strong concept with each track, a detail lacking in much of todays dance music. COSMO SOUNDS RECORDS is an electronic dance music label from Australia focused on psychedelic trance, progressive and psychill artists from around the globe who are creating the sound that the dance floors of the world crave!