Compilation: Equilibrium

Fading Light
Rising Silence
Ripple Effect
Natural Order (feat. Ken Rosen)


Monumental times have arrived for Steyoyoke Recordings, as they venture into unchartered waters. This new project accumulates for years of hard work and marks the release of their very first album titled 'Equilibrium'. The Steyoyoke artists are united within a unique concept, that utilises the four classical elements of fire, air, water and earth, bringing you a creative expression that reflects a state of balance between art, music and the natural elements. Each track is an original production, however they are grouped accordingly to symbolise a particular element that represents the tracks sound and vibe. In its entirety, the whole album creates its very own state of 'Equilibrium'. There are two tracks that express the element of Fire on 'Equilibrium', 'Shattered' by Dahu and Mpathy and Nick Devon and Blancah's collaboration 'Harmstring'. Both tracks embody a robust energy, that is both rebellious and at times even menacing. They capture a balance of sharp, stabbing percussion with passionate edgy synth chords. The element of Air is represented by a total of four tracks. These are Ran Salman 'Zephyr', Soul Button and Nick Devon 'Fading Light', Soul Button and Blancah 'Rising Silence' and Animal Picnic's 'Gravity'. Uplifting in nature, all four tracks have the ability to build tension, as well as allowing for moments of softness and tranquility. Dreamy melodies impact you with sensations of movement and flow, creating a smooth hypnotic vibe. The three tracks that signify the element of Water are, Soul Button and Ran Salman 'Aquarius', Aaryon and Ran Salman 'Riptide' and Blancah's 'Ripple Effect'. Channelling a strong fluidity and freshness to their sound, all three tracks carry a subtle progression. Blending clean hitting drums with meandering synths, each tracks groove fluctuates with its own ebb and flow, creating a heightened sense of emotion and atmosphere. 'Abyss' by Dahu and Mpathy as well as Soul Button and Mpathy's 'Tremors' are the chosen tracks to symbolise the fourth element of Earth. Possessing relentless bass lines and a sense of nobility, both tracks are sequential in providing a powerful dense sound. Rich melodies portray an organic warmth, that invoke an impression of stability, exposing the grounding sentiments held within each track. The final track on 'Equilibrium', symbolises the unity of all four elements. It brings fire, air, water and earth together to signify the 'Natural Order'. Possessing moments of toughness and attitude, as well as moments of down tempo simplicity, this track certainly portrays plenty of character. 'Natural Order' tells a story and allows for a dignified message to be shared.