Compilation: Forensic Science

Black Light
Spin It
Sub System
White Tunnel
De Ja Voodo People
Doing His Magic (Static Movement Remix)
Flying Circus


In a hot summer day, a crime was made. 9 projects were suspected of extremely lethal musical components that had the potential to capture who ever tried to listen to them. All the top detectives across the world were summoned to try and solve the mystery with Forensic Science.The first clue led to Mindwave and Sphera, also known as Anton Maiko, Rami Shalom & Liran Elkayam. These 3 artists have managed to create a psychedelic and melodic entrance to the investigation, using spacy ingredients to disguise the Perception of the authorities, a maneuver that seemed to succeed. The next suspects were Time in Motion, the Danish brothers Thomas and Leslie Cowan, who used their new Black Light technique to manipulate the human ear. With a pumping base line and a euphoric atmosphere, they managed to escape questioning and leave their mark behind just like true Vikings.Then the detectives reached Ritmo and Egorythmia, aka Dubi Dagan and Boban Lazovski, and knew they will be a tough case, with their global reputation. These two artists have taken the whole plot and Spin It with a special Progressive method they each developed separately, but when they made it together – they were invincible. Next on line was Pop Art, aka Oshri Krispin, who created a Sub System to make a gate way to a parallel universe with the help of electrifying magnetic waves.After that it was another hard case, because it was Ace Ventura and Egorythmia, aka, Yoni Oshrat and Boban Lazovski, who decided to join forces. These two have formed a White Tunnel that had a natural vacuum mechanism that sucked everyone that was near, helplessly surrendering to their groove and powerful story.Nerso, who is known as Dragan Matić, tried to confuse the detective with his own Science, and took the first opportunity he got to disappear. Using the confusion that was made up till now, Ritree, aka, Dubi Dagan and Alon Brillant, knew it was the perfect timing to use the De Ja Voodo People, who were a successful laboratory experiment that they were working on intensively. This new hybrid of melodic Goa sounds, who is bubbling slowly till eruption, has implication not known to the human race, yet.Close to the end of the investigation, Static Movement, aka Shahar Shtrikman, wasnt planning on giving the detectives an easy life. He reshaped Mutes and was Doing His Magic. Just when they thought they had it all figured out, Phaxe, aka Kevin Josefsen, broke them completely with his Flying Circus, so finally, they decided to leave the case open, because they have realized was no way to decipher this mystery. Can You?