Compilation: Full On - Turbo Blast - Compiled by DJ Chicago

Bansi And Chicago Blast
I Need Some Help - Take 2
Lets Get Cosmic
LSD (Live Version)
Freak Out
Perceptive Dream
Aspeclaria (full version)
Only In My Mind


We proudly present to you the new compilation Full On Turbo Blast, the exciting new CD... compiled by DJ Chicago(1200 MICS-TIP World).DJ Chicago is one of Goas old timers and one of the godfathers of the Psychedelic Trance music genre! Chicago one of the tribe elders was reborn with the psy trance music. He was there when it all started, dancing in every party and spinning in many of the first of them with Shivas Philosophy- Dance until you become the dance itselfChicago has a great taste in music and as a very experienced DJ who really lives this musicThat likes runs in his veins, he knows how to get the party started, going and ending!In his DJ sets he creates a magical music trip, full of power and energy. After numerous tracks that he did with the GMS boys (Riki and Bansi ) in their studio in Ibiza, They all joined forces with Raja Ram to create the Super group -1200 MICs, which is probably One of the biggest trance acts ever both in sales and popularity!In the past 10 years, Chicago lives In the magical Island Ibiza(What a Life!)in Spain, the new Home of many trance artists(he was one of the first to move there and many others followed) Dividing his life between Goa, Ibiza and Porto Seguro in Brazil! His DJ sets are highly demanded in the world and now, this Cyber Baba is finally releasing his first compilation with tracks created by him and other companieros of him, tracks done by some other famous trance artists and new talents that he likes their music and helps to introduce and develop!