Compilation: Loud and Clear - Compiled by DJ K.I.T.T.Y

Electro Something
Pain Killer
Linha Do Tempo
Slowly and Funny
Loud and Clear
Mad Instinct
Summer Rave
Experience Reality


Utopia Records Brazilian Djane ambassador, Dj Kitty is responsible for this amazing... floor release. Dj Kitty is considered today as one of the leading female Djs in Brazil, performing in basically all major events, big and small.She has fast become a strong influence force in the local psychedelic trance scene in Brazil.Dj Kitty is the official representative of Utopia records in Brazil and acts as head booking manager for the on growing Utopia records family. Loud and Clear includes 10 previously unreleased dance floor shakers, all effectively tested all over Brazil and the entire world, effecting vast numbers of dance floor addicts, a solid cooperation by the successful Utopia Records crew and aspiring Brazilian innovative acts.Loud and Clear presents a set of high-octane dance floor hits produced by todays leading psychedelic trance acts from around the world. 7 tracks by Utopia records respected crew, including tracks by Ananda Shake, Vibe Tribe, Phanatic and Utopias new breeze for the future, Mahamudra, Brain Damage, Stereomatic and the latest edition to the crew, Bios and Sundoes.2 Brazilian pearl jams produced by Burn In Noise and Mad Hatters. Loud and Clear s yet another one of a kind journey through the dance floor, brought by Utopia records, hand picked and well thought of by Dj Kitty. Better listen to this one Loud and Clear!