Compilation: Natural Selection

Time Express
Chemical Structures
All We Have
Magnetic (Glastonbury 2004 Mix)
Nexus 6 (Protoculture Rmx)


A year after the release of his now classic debut album Refractions, Protoculture... ...returns with a collection of high-class daytime rollers, like no other. Natural Selection gives us 9 exclusive tracks (10 if you include the bonus download) carefully selected by Nate to create a truly Protoculture experience. Five of the tracks bear his mark, so Protoculture fans will be more then satisfied. His production is clearly wrapped around the smooth flying remix of Silicon Sounds Nexus 6, plus the monster live remix of his own Magnetic (original version featured on Nanoocd004 Refractions). His new project Silver Surfers, a collaboration with Nano DJ Sim1, steps in on 2 tracks of epic proportion, showing us exactly why the Surfers are steadily making waves that are sure to find many new fans for the South African morning sound. Added to this is Pusher another collaboration, but this time with the mighty Tristan slipping some gritty snarls, tweaks and tribal grooves between the much loved Protoculture melodies and atmosphere. A sure dance floor shredder! Keeping the feel of the album in tune with his DJ sets, Nate has also included some extra tasty morsels from some super producers. From the UK there is new Nano signing AMD (Dick Trevor and Jules Aphid Moon) giving us all they have with clever tricks and spicy production galore, while unsung-Manchester-hero Allaby delivers possibly the silkiest cut for 2004, this side of an Indian bazaar. (Expect loads more releases on Nano from all these guys, soon!) Plus French wonder Triptych joins the party with his anthem Celtych, while new Russian find, Overlap, emerges in grand style with Time Express, a much sought after piece of arsenal from the Nano demo bag. It all makes for a Natural Selection, sure to please DJs and dancers alike!