Compilation: Next Level - Compiled By Red Sun

Dragon Rider
Run Time
Blue My Mind
Check In
The Next Level
Evoice (Final mix)
A U Ready
Cosmic Space
Radio Ground


Kagdila Records once more surprises everyone bringing this time an update of concepts that promises to expand even more the listeners horizons.Next Level, compiled by Red Sun can be considered a true checkpoint of our living days, resetting ways and transposing any limits, just like the Psytrance must be.Marcelo Faro and Fabio Oliveira (the talented Brazilians behind the Red Sun), have a long living in the scene and rise as one of the great names for the Trance in a near future, being amongst the main Brazilian live acts and having released songs in many labels as Magma rec. (their home label), Planet BEN rec, Tactic rec, Kagdila rec, amongst others. They use all this background to carefully select each track of this compilation, aiming to create a history with distinct moments, however intimately related through one unique soul filled of modernity.For this, counted with an explosive track list with artists of important labels such as Vision Quest, Utopia rec., Magma rec., Phonokol rec., amongst many others.Globalized and sophisticated, the compilation – besides having music full of personality and contagious melodies of Red Sun – counts with artists from several countries, everytime in more world level prominence such as the Portuguese of Biotouch, the Israelians of InterSys with Radio Ground (2nd mix), Digital Tribe with a new unreleased version of the hit Evoice (vs. Red Sun), Volcano (also from the mother ship Magma) and a group of Brazilians that comes from the powerful groove to the acclaimed Waio, the maturity and vibration of Hyperceptiohm, presenting also new Brazilian talents such as Terra, Sensitive and Space Vision.With such fusion, the results could be no other than a most wanted to explode any dance floor, through the feeling it holds within, yield of a long and joyful journey through the Trance, that intends to project everybody a higher level of emotion.Welcome to the Next Level!!