Compilation: Psycho Navigation Systems - Compiled by Lamat

Are You Ready
Fogo Na Selva
Nitro (Lamat rmx)
Psychedelic System
Accidental Overdose (Lamat rmx)
Artificial Beings (Sound Of Science)
Next Generation Of Science
Just A Dream


Psycho Navigation Systems is the new compilation from AP Records featuring and compiled by commanding navigator; Lamat. Including already known artists such as F.F.T and Indra as well as the newest additions to the AP Records team Frenessy and Han Solo who are joining the crew with the intent on changing reality! Watch out for the new Frenessy album coming very soon! Of course this compilation features the captain himself, Lamat, who has proven time and time again with his own massive success. Lamat has selected and collaborated on tracks which are all in the direction of his own well known clear-cut and bombastic-bass sound. Using totally unstoppable Fullon frequencies, Lamat emerges to explore the depths of your consciousness into the corners of your mind.Psycho-navigation, simply stated, is the mental experience of moving through inner space (the perceived space of the mind). It can involve the movement backward or forward in time, and-or moving into different orientations of space other than is normally experienced.