Compilation: Reboot

Life in the Machine
Fizzy Bubbler
Dial 8
Vapour Snag
Optical Income
Eye Drops
Twilight Zone


For the last 15 years the Psychedelic Trance Scene has spread like a virus, into almost every nook and cranny on the face of this Planet. It has proven itself as a dance music genre that quite simply isn't going away. Not for many years has there been such excitement surrounding the announcement of not only a new release, but also a whole new Psychedelic Trance Label concept. Zero One Music has arrived. Yes folks, the Psychedelic Circus is back in town, and to announce our intentions we have assembled a digital manifesto of nine of the freshest and most cutting-edge tracks around. Featuring veteran psychedelic pioneers like GMS, Earthling, Hux Flux and Chromatone once again showing us how its done. Combined with the prodigal genius of the youngbloods of the last few years, such as Tron, Audio-X, Poli and K.I.M, this release intends to prove that the medium of Psy Trance has once again been re-invented. The original old school spirit skillfully manipulated and re-initiated into a new and vibrant expression that will continue to remain valid for many years to come. As new and fresh as this release may be, its heritage draws from the countless years of magic-making experience from Zero One’s All Star cast of global dancefloor trailblazers. Nine of the finest binary masterpieces, each and every one of them tried and tested the World over. Prepare for our ongoing onslaught in the ruthless pursuit of perfection, dedication to the true spirit of Psychedelic Trance, and a welcome return to quality over quantity: REBOOT