Compilation: Spunout In Ibiza

Free Your Soul (G.M.S. Remix)
Place You Never Forget
Funny Way (Perplex Remix)
A Team (Earthling Remix)
Let Me Out
Where My Strings
Da Love Nig
Alien Surface


Spunout in Ibiza is a rare treat from the magical party island of Ibiza, Spain. This unique CD double pack hosts a premier Dj mix CD, forged by world famous electronic musicians G.M.S. (Growling Mad Scientists), along with a Compilation featuring various Spun Artists.Based in Ibiza since 1997, G.M.S. have spread their music to all corners of the island have, creating a large fan-base. Weather at outdoor gigs or in local major clubs like Pacha, Space, Privilege, Eden or Amnesia. GMS is a powerful local presence. Spunout in Ibiza features a huge lineup of international artists including G.M.S., Wrecked Machines, Pixel, Shanti Matkin, Perplex and Growling Machines amongst others.The first CD is full of fresh tracks that are sure to blow the speakers and lure the masses into deep submission. The second CD is mixed live by G.M.S. in Ibiza. It is their first official mix CD to be pressed. There is also a bonus track after the mix by Magnasonic that you will not want to miss.G.M.S. have been busy with many remixes in recent years including hits from Eurythmics and for Japanese Rock legends – Hide. With this kind of ammunition G.M.S. remixed We Want Your Soul from break-beat master Adam Freeland for this double CD.This double CD is jam packed with dance-floor tunes that will make your eyes pop out, you face turn green with envy and sweat pouring down you sides. Among the top is Da Lov Nig, a 2006 collaboration that G.M.S. made with the famous bass player T. Money Green (bass player on albums for Dr. Dre, 2Pac, Snoop Doggy Dog and more).These full spectrum audio discs include additional surprises from G.M.S., sporting their hot collaborations with Pixel and Deedrah. There is a surging monster remix by Earthling of Growling Machines A Team and some detonating tracks from Perplex and Bulletproof. Other hits on the compilation include Mutherfunker by Wrecked Machines and Pixel that is stirring waves on the dance-floor as we speak.Come join our fantastic voyage to Ibiza and feel the strong Spun vibe.