Compilation: Star Beings 2

Space Life
Dream Seeker
Knob Twisters
Digitalise Mistica
Rabbit and the Chip
Pineal Warriors (Audioscream Remix)
Ultimate Reality


We're proud to present to you the next step in the musical journey of Pleiadian Records! VA - Star Beings 2 - contains a melting pot of magical sonic synergies created by some of the most prodigious and advanced psychedelic sound designers on our end of the milky way. Consisting exclusively of artistic collaborations, this release features Loose Connection, Frantic Noise, Gotalien, Zombie Scream, Calabi Yau, Demonizz, Kliluk, Anubis, Fright Rate and Audiopathik, as well as some already established fusion projects like 'Quantum Mechanica' (Will o' Wisp / Glosolalia) and 'Audioscream' (Audiopathik / Zombie Scream). Being the 2nd of the Star Beings alliance series, it is also giving birth to some brand new and very promising musical fusion projects within the realms of Hitech Psytrance. Introducing to the world: 'SubSequent' by Pleiadian Records newcomers Ugly Ducky and K-Freq, 'Marauders' by Dark Prisma's commanders Frantic Noise and Glosolalia and last but not least a blasting new combo by Audiopathik and Amras named 'Syrium'! This release also features an extraordinary AudioScream Remix of a track by IDM/Breakcore and Bass Music legend 'Otto Von Schirach'! Get ready to experience a collection of psychoacoustic symbiosis crafted by all these talented musicians, without a doubt, this compilation is ready to unveil new dimensional possibilities within our scene!