Compilation: Suntopia

Inside (Ali Akgun)
The Call Of The Whales (Tuur Vekeman)
Sea Of Tranquility (Rei Albahari)
Cephalopod Awareness (Brice Fruyt)
A Large Cup Of Chaos, Please (Elric and Jurian Reinartz)
Into The Night (Magnus Eckers)
Bring Everything But Whistles (Jannis Tzikas)
Solar Lights (Elad Afgin)


Suntrip is back with a classic goa-trance compilation! Big names such as Filteria, Mindsphere, Triquetra, Afgin and Merr0w are mixed with Suntrip newcomers Innerzone, Mini Spacer and Party Droid! But one thing they all have in common: they create smashing goa-trance! After our concept compilations Gamma Draconis (old school guys making one more goa-track) and Carpe Noctem (melodic foresty goa) we felt the urge to go back to our roots. The best of melodic and acidic goa-trance! The emotional, sensitive and hypnotic melodic part is covered by a deep trancy track by Mindsphere, a spiralling morning monster by Afgin and a hypnotic floater by Mini Spacer. The acidic part is done, once again, by the Triquetra brothers who probably eat 303 as breakfast! Also Merr0w comes with a hallucinogenic acidic stomper. The euphoric part is taken care of by the allmighty Filteria, and the Swedish newcomer Party Droid, who will surprise with powerful uplifting music, plus the Israeli dragonfly Innerzone, who knows exactly how to build atmospheres! Enjoy!