Compilation: The Next Generation by D.N.A.

Japanese Awa (DNA Rmx)
Rock It (Psycraft Rmx)
Running Out Of Time (DNA Rmx)
Flaming Dart
Behemoth (DNA Rmx)
Need For Ead (DNA Rmx)
Magic Stick
Kreak Take 2
Massive Attack


Compilled by D.N.A. Phonokol proudly presents the new compilation on its very successful Psy Trance compilations series The Next Generation, and this time, compiled by Phonokols new rising stars DNA! DNA - Zeev Kardonsky and Eitan Tanami (A.K.A Injection) are two of the most talented and innovative electronic music makers emerging from Israel.Over the past few years thay developed their own style and sound and became one of the most popular artists at the worldwide PSY Trance scene! After the release of their debut album Kick Me Up on Phonokol early this year, DNA enjoys a massive support from top international trance djs and labels(their single The Music is currently being re issued on the new Stash Bag compilation compiled by Raja Ram on TIP World) and had many successful releases on various worldwide compilations before and after their album release! In this new Next Generation compilation, DNA includes the Brilliant remix done to Behemoth of Wizzy Noise that became an overnight hit and was played (and still is) in every trance party in the world! The boys had remixed recently some of their favorite tracks from the recent years especially for this project.