Compilation: Vision One - PAL (CD + DVD)

Log On (Freakulizer Remix)
Deep Space
Le’ Mepris
In My Mind
Cherry Tree (Max Stellato Remix)
Yatzecs Revenge
Dr. Trance (Solar System Remix)
The professional VJ mastered in 5.1 Surround Sound and printed on one CD and one DVD


Frolic Productions presents “Vision One” – A New Concept In Audio-Visual Stimulation London, Frolic Productions releases an innovative Audio/Visual CD/DVD that reaches out to both the home viewer and the professional VJ. Mastered in 5.1 Surround Sound and printed on one CD and one DVD, Vision One sets out to be a truly innovative product, combining creativity and technology. The DVD contains a selection of 9 tracks from established electronic dance music producers. All of these are carefully synchronized with original video content created by 7 visual artists, designers and VJs of the Frolic Productions team, presenting an eclectic mix of graphical styles, forms and textures. The home viewer will have the choice to view each track individually, or a 90 minute continuous DJ/VJ mix in which all visuals and tracks have been carefully mixed together and mastered in 5.1 Surround Sound to provide a truly immersive Audio/Visual experience. There is also a stereo option and separate stereo mix for those who do not have a 5.1 system. The professional VJ will also be pleased by some of the features of the DVD that sets out to be one of the first products to be designed for professional use with equipment such as the Pioneer DVJ-X1. Offering the option to select the video tracks individually in a simple ‘VJ friendly‘ fast loading menu (without long intros or complex navigation) combined with 90 minutes of cutting edge video material, Vision One sets out to be a very powerful and innovative VJ tool. Additionally the CD allows the freedom of listening to the audio tracks in any traditional CD player, car or home stereo system.