Compilation: Zero Gravity

Haiku (Rmx)
Blue (Deedrah Rmx)
Alter Ego
Fuel Knock (Alternative Control Rmx)
Music in U
The Moon


Zero Gravity is an engines on, full blast and ready to go compilation.From the orbit of space come GMS and Jimbo with the melodic dance floor sensation, Mozart which brings you into a trip of its own. Next up is Intelabeam with his Blizzard, a real groovy tune with an uplifting vibe. Wizzy Noise fly in next with their remix to Haiku, deep bass lines and oscillating synths keep you mesmerised with this raging track from the Greek duo.High in the skies above Ibiza, Deedrah broadcasts Blue, a remix of Altom, an euphoric journey with a strong bass to keep u going. Up to no good and with a Alter Ego at the wheel of the spaceship, young Shanti Matkin brings us to a another dimension with his melodic adventure. Above the out rims of the solar system, Alternative Control remixes Pop Streams summer hit Fuel Knock, a riveting tune with many levels of sounds that will hook you completely.Flying above the forests of Brazil are Poli, Spiritual Enhancer and Dizzy Mind with Dig Music, a track that brings u into a whirlwind of melodies, one of the big hits to come on this compilation. Next, ask yourself, is the Music in u? Or me? A real killer track by Wrecked Machines, a groove master in his own league. Next up is Hujaboy, with his Magnatism, pulling you into his sounds and grooves.As we get closer to the end of our journey, Soundaholix close with The Moon, a must have, but certainly not for the light-minded. For our final chapter, we have the visual stimuli of Wayan Blue and El Geko with The Swarm, a track by Shanti and Bushman.