Consept Lightwork - Basics of Consciousness EP

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For Wisdom and Truth
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Galactic Special Forces
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Ancient Magnetic Crystals
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Timewarp is back presenting a new "Consept" in Psychedelic Goa Trance... Consept Lightwork "Basics Of Consciousness. Psychedelic Goa Trance Artist Consept Lightwork created in 2009 by Avihai Tsroya 25 years old from israel . after Avihai had a car excident when he was 11 he began to write his own ideas and his own thoughts into the music . after some years he understand that electronic music is the best thing that he can do in 2009 he decided to give a name to his music and thats when it was all started. At year 2010 avihai was influnced by Dark trance \ 303 acid music , after a year he began to understand how to write goa melodies and get them right , since 2011 he began to write goa and he knew thats the main he will go for . After years of working \saving money\producing music and buying the right gear for his studio Avihai recently started to work with Timewarp records on his first EP "basics of consciousness" he is also looking forward for more releases with Timewarp Records in the near future ! Many thanks to DJ Lurfilur (Jonny Sverrehed) and Nova Fractal (Renato Brnic) for an amazing support !