Cosmic Tone - In Action Remixes

Side Off (Cosmic Tone rmx)
Getting High Power (Cosmic Tone rmx)
Lphobia (Cosmic Tone rmx)
Lift Me Up (Cosmic Tone rmx)
Its Not Like That At All (Cosmic Tone rmx)
Ive Got The Power (Cosmic Tone rmx)
I Volume (Cosmic Tone rmx)
Zik Zak (Cosmic Tone vs Visual Paradox rmx)
Fresh (Cosmic Tone rmx 2007 Edit)


Cosmic Tone is back stronger than ever, this time presenting his new remixes project. Different in concept from similar remixes releases; Cosmic Tone has remixed 9 hit tracks, originally produced by todays top producers.This mega explosive release includes remixes by Cosmic Tone, to todays leading production groups. Cosmic Tone has remixed hit tracks from Space Cat and Sesto Sento, Bizzare Contact and Electro Sun, System Nipel and Visual Contact, Aquatica, Vibe Tribe, Ultravoice and Ziki, and Lish (Special new Edit for this release). The release also includes remixes to Cosmic Tones cherished tracks, I Volume (Released on his latest studio album release Singularity), and a massive gem of a remix to Cosmic Tones track, Its not like that at all (Released on his classical debut album album, Overwhelming CD).In Action CD is bursting with green atomic energy, tested all over the world, uplifting more and more party people. Cosmic Tones discography includes 4 featured studio album releases (Overwhelming, Going Solo, Wake Up and Singularity), 1 Vinyl EP releases and a diverse selection of track released on compilations by leading labels worldwide.