Cosmic Vibration - Solar Runner

Solar Runner
Om Saga Djea
Stellar Ships
Cross that Line
A Secret Door to the Moon


With its third album Soalr Runner the band Cosmic Vibration is delivering a grandiouse state of the art cosmic sound music journey through eternal time and endless space. Using the energies of cosmic frequencies from analogue sound sources, psychedelic beats and contemporary hi tech sound machineries masterminds of Thomas Tiefenbacher and Jens Zygar are guiding the listeners into the multiverse of pulsating sound galaxies and still earth connecting trancedance resonances. The attitude of this album comes from the perspectives of a real band with authentic musicians composing and performing music. It bridges psychedelic goa trance with a spectrum of musical elements such as shamanic nordic Joik singing of the fabulous Tuulia, who is definitely setting up new standards of vocal presentation within techno music far beyond sampled quotes. Excessive percussion orgies all through the album guarantee a overwhelming and satisfying audible experience all along this dynamic ecstatic sound journey. Some of the Cosmic Vibration track are even embodying the spirit of pop music; have a listen to 'Cross that line' and decide for yourself! Due to the authentic passion of the band members, all of them are involved in hard core new age mediation and energy services, Solar Runner comes up with some gems of spherical classics for the healing future such as the tribal track Luna following the inspiration of the cosmic octave, the science of the order frequencies of nature opening the doors of relevation at the step into the heart of the Aquarian age. The band Cosmic Vibration is a must see live act presentation and the album Solar Runner gives some great stimulation for once own transformational journey and all extatic trance dance experience.