Cosmochaos - Laws Of Motion

Vanishing Point
The Alchemy
Laws of motion
Balance of opposites
Design a shiny mind
Inner Impact
Floating Point


Mandala Records is proud to present Cosmochaoss second studio album Laws Of Motion. Aleks Serkisyan, 28, discovers electronic music in the city of Istanbul during his childhood. In 1997, Aleks writes his first tracks with tracker software and some midi equipment. In and between he moves to Paris from France and builds a studio where he starts producing a fusion of psychedelic and techno trance music. Between 2003-05 he becomes an active producer for 3D ViSiON Records and SHiVA Space Technology Records, he also releases music with SHiVA Space Japan Records, AP Records and more.. To follow, his debut album Trespasser on the legendary label SHiVA Space Technology Records was a total success. Each of his tracks caught the attention of the scene and received a very positive feedback from the listeners and leading labels. Cosmochaos became quickly an international live act and performed live sets around the globe. He also collaborated in studio with acts such as iLlumiNATiON, Dj SHiVA Joerg, LemuriANS, Fullcolor. Highly inspired by the styles of the the trance masters such as AstriX, XI, SUB6, WiZZY NOiSE, he decided to push the limits of his style to bring a personal touch to the global scene. In order to improve his production Aleks chose to study audio engineering at the worldwide acknowledged S.A.E School of Paris from France, and graduated with success in 2006. Debut 2007, Aleks joined Mandala Records crew as a Dj - Producer, mastering engineer and a live performer. After a long break, the outcome of the last two years sonic experiences at SONiC PropulsiON Mastering Studio gave birth to a highly crafted full on album. Laws Of MOTiON, the second mature album of Cosmochaos, was produced with the utmost care for details to bring the audience to a higher state of mind. The ingredients of this album can be defined as uplifting build ups combined to innovative sound spectrum mixing techniques delivering us a balanced compromise between sounds of todays electro music and influences of the psytrance from the roots. Through 9 tracks and a wide bpm range of 134 to 147, Cosmochaoss music is easily described as massively powerful, atmospheric, melodic, mind driving groovy dance floor gems. Each track keeps a unique identity and they will easily find a place to fill in the peak moments of parties. Laws Of MOTiON is now ready to redefine the mechanics of energy transmissions and blast worlwide dancefloors!