Crop Circles - Tetrahedron

Lunar Civilization (Pleiadians Remix)
Antonomasia (Lotus Omega Remix)
Daffy Duck (On The Comet)
Classic Process (Hale-Bopp)
Full Mental Jackpot (Etnica Remix II)
No More Singles


At long last, the long-awaited album of legendary material from the hatchling days of Goa trance is here. Crop Circles is a name which carries the weight of six true forefathers of the genre. Dating back a decade, this project which has been whispered about to the day is composed of Etnica, Pleiadians, and Lotus Omega. Names which have shaken the globe and whose works helped forge a new way of music worked together since 1996. Their debut album, Tetrahedron, is like a newly recovered treasure chest of dancefloor movers from times past, is composed entirely of tracks once thought lost, yet are now found, collecting dust on DATs and busted hard drives, and brought once again to life through cutting-edge remastering techniques.DAT Records, an aptly named label for this release, have dug through the annals of analog and digital archives to bring the world the power and respect that tracks of the scope and talent such as these richly deserve. Eight massive, well-produced tracks from six of the truest masters and pioneers of the Goa sound all working together to produce music that still to this time is ahead of its day, yet now available to people worldwide to appreciate the energy that these sounds represent.