Curious Detail - Artifice (Single)

CD Single
Inner Monkey


After The Big Bug (released in 2014 on Hadra Records), Curious Detail is presenting his new EP, Artifice. Artifice: Imitation process, produced to create the illusion of reality With this new EP, Clement, also known as Curious Detail, is dropping the mask. The illusion is no more. Nor is the ruse. The human being gave way to the primitive animal that we try to keep imprisoned deep inside ourselves. This instinctive side we are all aware of but that we refuse to express. This primitive minstrel of the modern times naturally expresses it all and plays his hypnotic instrument for our greatest pleasure. He agitates, dances, challenges the codes… in the middle of a game where this mesmerizing music becomes groovier, more energised, more alive, more intense. To be discovered 1st July on Hadra Records.