Damender - Inverted Reality EP

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Inverted Reality
WAV   $1.13
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Ohm Ganesh Pro presents this new single Inverted Reality from Damender, which is a massive melodic psy-prog journey which will rock your socks and lift your spirits. Damender a.k.a Stanislav Leschenko, is a party organizer and Music Producer who began producing Psy Trance Music in 1995 in Israel. Producer of 4 projects, NeuroImpact (aka Damender and Lyric, Wacko Vasiliy Dyclencko), S.A.B (a.k.a Damender,Boris Yaufman Dive Carp. and Arkadiy Leschenko), N.D.E-Laboratory (a.k.a Damender and Arkadiy Leshenko). One of Pioneers of Digital Frequenz Records(GER) and Cosmogenetics Records(UK). With many release on different labels, Digital Psionics, Goa Records, Digital Frequenz, Cosmogenesisi Rec, Digital Tribe Rec, and Ohm Ganesh Pro.