Fallen - Secrets Of The Moon

Secrets Of The Moon
Golden Dust (The Vanishing)
Of Dreams
At the End Of The World


“Secrets of the Moon” is my 1st release as FALLEN and I could say it’s a very important step for my musical journey so far. “Secrets of the Moon” shows and contains dreaming atmospheres, dramatic and melodic drones, misty landscapes, relaxed sounds, space noises and phrases full of tension and suspense. In my ears and my heart, it sounds like a sort of minimal dreaming voyage through memories of a golden past, when trust wasn’t an empty thing closed deep in troubled waters. The idea behind the making of “Secrets of the Moon” was to tribute, in a way or another, some great composers I grew up with like Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, AshRa Tempel, Popol Vuh but during the recording of the album, I discovered how deep the compositions were going beyond that idea and how hard I was experiencing with sounds and colors enclosed in my previous record as The Child of A Creek however, although the road I used to run for that project was mainly folk oriented. Lorenzo (Fallen) Written, composed, arranged, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered between April and May 2014 with synthetizers, pianoes, electric pianoes, oboes, santoors, processed electric guitars, processed textures and percussions.