Flip Flop - Floppy Drive

Oriental Voodoo
Floppy Drive
Sleaze Machine
Sonic Air
Jurassic Lark
Diamond In The Rough
Changa Banga


Alchemy records are proud to unleash Flip Flops first long player on the world. John Beesemyer-Monkman and Chris Hanson are two young Londoners who have been cooking it up for a while now, testing the material on dancefloors across the globe then whipping it back into the studio for some added power and squelch. Its rare that artists introduce a genuinely new sound to the scene but a brief listen to Flip Flop will show you that they are trying something different and that its working. If youve been on a heaving festival dancefloor in the last year and have wondered what that exotic hybrid of psychedelic trance and deep atmospheric electronica is that shakes the system to its foundations, theres a fighting chance that these two are responsible. John and Chris have been friends since they were kids and unlike a lot of artists they have really grown up with trance music since arguably its heyday of creativity in the late 90s. Their live sets at festivals like Glade and Universo Parallelo have repeatedly been seen as highlights by party goers and other artists alike. They have both been DJing for more than ten years, giving them an acute understanding of what it takes to push tracks beyond the superficial and into the realm of powerful and captivating dancefloor music. They dont merely churn it out and theres a lot of love and discipline in the studio which adds a welcome depth and confidence to their sound. So immersed in music and parties are these boys that you have probably shared a cup of sunrise chai or at least a smiling dance with them without even realizing it. Their warm personalities have made them easy guests for party people and much in demand as a liveact, and this character shines out of the album. Floppy Drive crunches and clobbers its way through 70 minutes of bold and shuddering, groovy and hypnotic dance music. Flip Flop arent locked in by the rules of the genre instead utilizing them to build stunning sound scapes, even at times creeping away from trance music with snatches of ambiance and technoid crossover which reward the listener without confusing the palette. Tuck in!