Hypnoxock - Beyond The Wormhole

Personal Matrix
Big Crunch
Microdrive (Hypnoxock Remix)
Gravitational Isolation
Heaven Can't Wait
Doubling Time
The Choice Is Yours
Mutant Zone


Hypnoxock is Victor SolSona from Bacelona. And he's no newcomer: he has made the dancefloors jump for more than 10 years and has already released with plenty of labels. 'Beyond The wormhole' is his 6th album, and he delivers a blend of modern sounds with funky touches! 'Personal Matrix' gives a proper showcase of Victor's technical abilities in all areas especially the acidic side. Time to board his ship:) 'Wormhole' is a pretty twisted track full of smily moments that introduce you to the album's funky side. And this is just the beginning, as 'Big Crunch' follows up on that line with an enigmatic happy morning track that will make you bounce in your living room! Hypnoxock is fearless as he managed to successfully remake the iconic 'Microdrive' track by Etnica, adding galore acidic twirls and a splendid production for your sole enjoyment! 'Gravitational Isolation' is one of those morning tracks with uplifting climaxes that bring a big smile on your face in a festival! But if you can't get enough, 'Heaven Can't Wait' is another one of those dancefloor mesmerizing tracks with acid slaps at every corner! Time to warm up the hyperdrive...'Doubling Time' is a fierce piece of music with no compromises, whose sole purpose is to melt your soles! You've been warned...but are you ready for 'The Choice Is Yours', a superb track full of melodic pleasure and acid hurricanes, a massive dancefloor turmoil generator? 'Mutant Zone' finally borrows to the early 2000's spirit with another funky rollercoaster blasting over a modern psytrance base. Just what you need to complete the trip! With his typical blend of experimental sounds, crazy vibes, and playful melodies, Hypnoxock shows yet another facet to Goatrance. Welcome on his ship into the Wormhole!