Inner State - Modus Operandi

Modus Operandi
Come Along
Conscious Agents
Social Engineering
Deeper Levels Of Reality
Aspects Of Creation
Mind Over Matter


It takes time to know and develop your methods of operation. It means you constantly need to test your Inner State and figure out what your tempo is. Adjusting the frequencies of your vibrations, you will slowly start to match those beats to your own sound, thus creating your 'Modus Operandi'. After 4 years of redeveloping, polishing, and readjusting his craft, Marios Karakasidis aka Inner State is now back with his second journey into the sonic sphere. This journey was accompanied with several other craftsmen who fused different harmonies into streams of melody. From a new interpretation to E-Clip, aka Marko Radovanovic, Overload and onto an amalgamation with Time in Motion, aka Thomas and Leslie Cowan, urging you to Come Along, was time to examine an Extremely Low Frequency with Boban Lazovski aka Egorythmia. Diving into Deeper Levels of Reality with Aquafeel, aka Vladislav Koumpatidis then lead to the comparison of their different Aspects of Creation with Invisible Reality, aka Shamil Abramov and Igor Sorin. But the final note is there to mesmerize you and leave you in that specially designed Inner State and enter the zone where Mind over Matter is orchestrated along with Mind Spin, aka Yaron Marziano.