International Observer  - Felt

House of the Rising Dub
Popcorn Slavery
The Death Of Karamov
House Made Of Felt
Mudshark Lick
Abode Of The Setting


The Observer rides again . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Two years after the seminal Heard was released, Tom Bailey AKA International Observer returns with eleven more slices of delectable dub drenched delights, designed to bother bassbins worldwide ☺ Aside from his opening take on the classic, House of the Rising Sun, Felt is an altogether deeper excursion into bass than its predecessors; beats are sparser and the basslines heavier. Lampedusa is inspired by the refugees held in camps on the Italian island of the same name, physically only breaths away from freedom, but practically miles apart. It is still a joyful affair though, with tracks peppered by his trademark horns and guitar riffs. Plus Popcorn Slavery is as near to his playful pop past as electronic dub is able to go. A welcome addition to the Observer collection, then, building on the lush ambience of Seen and the good grooves of Heard.