International Observer - Free from the Dungeons of Dub

Port Antonio Dub
Saturday Night in Camden Town
(The More) We Know
Wyndham Bowling Dub
Woman Will Rule the World
Spacetime Dub
Ate Rack Bay Saline
Vale Bengali
Wanna Be Free
Low Light Meter
Quietly Please
Enter Your Passcode
Science Fiction Dub


The release of Free from the Dungeons of Dub heralds the end of a particular chapter in International Observer's runnings. He was three deep into his sense orientated series of albums (Seen, Heard and Felt) when he was lured back to his previous incarnation as an international pop star. While that has been the Twins fans' pleasure, it has been the dub world's loss, as there has been no significant body of new Observer material for the last 9 years. It hasn’t been all bad though, as the time out of the dub studio inspired a trawl through the Observer archives where dubs a plenty were found locked away on unmarked discs in the corner of his eyrie. This mission into the dub vault inspired two series of releases: the first was the collections Touched and Retouched, which focused on the remixes he had done over the last 25 years of acts including platinum selling pop stars like Bic Runga and Stellar*, underground electron herders such as Pitch Black and Banco de Gaia, as well as modern reggae stars The Black Seeds and even his own post-Twins act Babble. The second series began with a selection of Observer originals that had only been released on CD in New Zealand, followed up with a mix of new tunes and some old ones that had been forgotten in the towering pile of master discs, and then delivered some of the big guns from his live show, honed over the years into bass wobbling weapons. Free from the Dungeons of Dub is a selection of thirteen tracks from this second series, gilded with the addition of three brand new dubs recorded over the last 18 months, one of which is an exclusive remix of the title track of his brand new pop album, Science Fiction. Now all the archives have been freed, here's hoping that he can find the time to address the final two senses …