Invisible Reality - Parallel Fantasy

Vanishing Rainbow
Pacifier Move
Criminal Code
Celestial Objects
Pure Soul Ghost
Be Real (Invisible Reality Remix)
Parallel Fantasy


Another blasting release by IONO Music, presented by one of our most innovative musicians Shamil Abramov and Igor Sorin, better known as Invisible Reality from Israel. With their 2nd album work Parallel Fantasy they prove that they can be counted to the first row of Israelian trance producers. A few years after the release of their very successful debut album Visibility and after many single releases and EPs, Invisible Reality now invites you to join their very special journey through different musical worlds of their creativity and ideas. So with this ambitious album Shamil and Igor demonstrate how much they persist on their individual artistic freedom which always should come right before the convinience of following popular trends.After some moments of listening to this album you will feel the full bunch of passion and heartblood which is needed to shape such a production in an artistically challenging way. Parallel Fantasy let you immerse into audible soundscapes, formed by combinations between minimal,melodic trance and ethno sounds, always companied by deep, stumpy basslines and psychodelic leads. This album is filled with uplifting tracks, a pure delight for everyone who loves intelligent, soulful trance music which comes from heart and which is not made for your feet only.In fact it can be either played on a sunny progressive floor, in sweaty club floors or inside your head, on your private bedroom floor.Dont miss this excellent piece of music!