Inward Move - Vice Flow EP

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Vice Flow
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Stellar Caravan
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Power House presents Inward Move aka Giovanni Chavez, Dj & Producer, originally from Mexico City, is the behind the projects: Spitfire (psytrance) and Inward Move (Progressive Trance). These two smooth and soulful tracks will move the dance floor and are perfect for every progressive psytrance occasion! Vice Flow - In this material I try to capture in a more progressive way my addiction to the melodies, wrapping ourselves in a trance with a dose of psychedelia, deep atmospheres that encourage us to dance or simply enjoy a beautiful landscape when driving ... Biography Giovanni Chavez is a Dj & Producer, originally from the city of Mexico, is the creative mind behind the projects: Inward Move (progressive Psytrance) and spitfire (psytrance), his music is based on psychedelic trance, progressions, grooves, deep atmospheres and magical melodies, a style that makes dancing the dance floors where it is presented.