Kalilaskova AS - Gone To Mars Ritalin Child Remix EP

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Gone To Mars
WAV   $1.13
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This time Ohm Ganesh Pro present one more version of Kalilaskov AS - Gone To Mars track, remixed by Ritalin Child. Ritalin Child totally transformed original progressive version of track in to hypnotic Psy Trance, with elements of forest trance style, touching Indian spirit. Ritalin Child : Dj / producer / musician from Córdoba Argentina. Plon manzanarez aka Ritalin Child (Erebos records / Padang rec.) Has been exploring the varieties of psychedelic music since 2010, a project that is defined by its hypnotic and grooveros rhythms, dark atmospheres, and heavy bass lines, which takes us On a deep journey through the mystique of Dark Proggressive. In 2012 he created with his wife the project of decoration Indigo Art Deco allowing to be part and creators of the best dancefloors of festivals in Peru (Arkana Festival, Solar Festival), Bolivia (Amazonas Andes Festival, Prana Festival, Gea Festival), Brazil (Katayy Festival), and Argentina (Earthdance Arg. Erks Festival, Elementals Festival, Tranqui Reggae Party).