Karsten Pflum - Slaphead Faun

Coda Lid
Computer Weekend (Crowned and Conquered Mix)
Make Rite
Fy Darkspedter
Thael Spir
Pan BD Spiree
Further Down the Rabbit's Hole
Jazzkroge III
Tak 1 (120 BPM Karramel Mix)
Tak One (Boys and Girls Mix)
Lo Us - Intermezzo
Six Step Chase


Collection of bastard tunesKarsten Pflum started writing music around 1998, under the name Slaphead Faun, but discarded this name again when his first releases started coming out around 2002.This album Slaphead Faun is a collection of bastard tunes, made between 2002 and 2007. They are the unreleased offspring of previous albums and EPs - the tunes that never made it on to the releases. There is a certain classic feel to them, like they were in some way a yet unreleased collection of favourites.The early works were very experimental with beautiful beautiful melodies, elaborated beats and unconventional ideas. Tricky and clever tunes that are catchy yet border seeking. The tracks Tak 1 and Tak One are representative of this period. Gradually the productions became more edgy, the melodies more subtle and the drum programming more equilibrist. Tracks like Pan BD Spiree and Six Step Chase shows how the music brings sound design into the mix, adding an extra layer of glitchy and quirky textures.The album Slaphead Faun shows the whole Karsten Pflum spectre of sound - from the harsh and aggressive Thael Spir to the softer and almost magical Computer Weekend. It reveals different approaches to composition techniques and arrangement - Byrd or Fy Darkspedter are straight forward going, while others like Jazzkroge III or Make Rite are gradually morphing in new mysterious directions.Slaphead Faun offers poppy melodic lines, psyched drill n bass, old-school IDM and experimental electronica. It is a timeless dish of old and new tunes, a dish that altogether adds a new flavour to your ears. Poignant and seductive, like shadows manifistating in the dark.