Kri Samadhi and Nervasystem - Merry Pranksters EP

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Merry Pranksters
WAV   $1.64
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Ovnimoon Records presents Kri Samadhi and Nervasystem - Merry Pranksters. Coming in from the internal galaxy of the minds of Kri Samadhi and Nervasystem. We bring you to the psychedelic play ground of the Merry Pranksters. Where things aren’t what they seem and reality drifts away a voyage of multi particle universes spiraling into a bliss of madness. Welcome to the ride of the acid test, buckle in and prepare to lose all control! Written by: Christopher “Kri” Johnson and Mark “Drezz” Dressler Mastering by George “Cydelix” Deligiannis Art work: “Arcane Magic" by Devin D Thomas Written on Modular Synthesizers with love.